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We have spent too much time fixing customers’ positioners and controllers. Let’s just say that we know what goes wrong with them and that they always break down at night! We thought it was time we built an Ethernet controller that worked really well and could be retrofitted to any UHF/VHF positioner, or dish antenna up to 5 metres, or so. We have been field testing the prototype for two years now and it works like a charm. Maybe you would like these benefits from your antenna controller:

  • Drives all known positioners
  • Mounted in or under the positioner
  • Ethernet control (no more USB ports to lock up or get lost!)
  • Simple cabling (just run a Cat-5 cable and power to the positioner)
  • Ultra-smooth, gentle acceleration and deacceleration to give extra years of life to you positioner
  • Absolute position (no need for calibration checks each day)
  • Lots of status LEDs to make field fault-finding a breeze (except that they don’t seem to break down!)
  • Accepts both pointing commands (Yaesu and M2 commands), Sun and Moon tracks, and TLEs
  • ac/dc motor drive (field selectable) in 24V and 48V versions
  • Super reliable
  • Affordable

Coming soon:

  • Yaesu aftermarket potentiometer to absolute position encoder upgrade kit
  • M2 aftermarket Hall-effect sensor to absolute position encoder upgrade kit